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As a published and recorded lyricist, Martin H. Samuel wrote the lyrics for all 11 songs on the CD Eclipse featuring vocalist Rick Livingstone of The Best.

The Best, possibly the ultimate supergroup, included Joe Walsh ~ guitar,Keith Emerson ~ keyboards,Simon Phillips ~ drums,John Entwistle ~ bass and Jeff "Skunk" Baxter ~ guitar.

Martin collaborated with Lisa Nemzo on the songs: Mixed Emotions, Heart Full Of Love, Your Love Hits The Spot and Playing Politicsfor her albumAngel on Polygram/Metronome Records.
Also co-wrote Every Teardrop, on LCM Records Restless Soul, by Lisa and Turn To Me on her album Unlock My Heart by Dream Wild Records.

Audrey Landers recorded Turn To Me on the Polydor Records album Rendez-Vous.

Martin and Antonia Venezia, of San Francisco, California, co-wrote A Tale Of Two Cities ~ Pop Category Honorable Mention at the Atlanta, GA Songwriters Association 14th Annual Showcase.

Also, co-wrote T.L.C. with Gary Earl, of Nashville, Tennessee ~ Pop Category Finalist at the Atlanta Songwriters Association 14th Annual Showcase.

Martin co-wrote Soul'd Out with Robert Allen on the Sha-La Records album Rock 'n' Roll 4 The Soul by DownTown Mystic.

Born, in Kenya with perfect meter, Martin was a recording studio session drummer in London, Cologne, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Honolulu ~ his drums of preference are Ludwig with Paiste and Zildjian cymbals.

He was the drummer in the London, UK pop group Heatwave who released the single Sister Simon b/w Rastus Ravel, written and produced by John Edward, on Penny Farthing Records in 1970.
Heatwave was a regular on BBC Radio in the early 70's and, in addition to touring the UK (including playing at the original Cavern Club in Liverpool), opened for Ben E. King and The Drifters, Love Sculpture with Dave Edmunds,Spooky Tooth,Love Affair,Consortium and many more.  Martin wrote the songs Rainmaker Man and It's Over Now while in Heatwave ~ who often performed them live and on the BBC Radio World Service. It was in Heatwave he perfected and performed his fire-eating stage-show stunt.

Emperor Rosko and the Rosko International Roadshow (the largest traveling disco in the world) with Nicky Horne included a 6-piece band called Crew with Martin on drums.

Martin was also in the rock group Bright Eye Band who opened for Journey,Elvin Bishop,Styx,Detective,Mackey Feary,Flash Cadillacat the 9th and most memorableSunshine Festival, on 3rd and 4th July 1977, in Diamond Head Crater, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Some bands Martin played drums in:  All The King's Men (Kenya), The Saracens, Naval Cadets, The Saints (S. Africa), The Vagabonds, Jigsaw Puzzle (Germany), Pure Gold, Heatwave, Kumasi Bordeaux, Badfinger, Crew (England), Simon Raverne Band, Cigarette and Burning Boots (Jersey C.I. and Dubai U.A.E.), Paradise, R.P.M., Alliance (California), Sweet Fire, Fantasy,Karen Keawehawaii, Portrait with Jerry Martini of Sly and the Family Stone on sax, The Toyes, Darn Tootin', Cactus Jack, Dee Daniels (Hawaii), Contraband (Texas), The Torpedoes, Studio One Band with Goldy McJohn of Steppenwolf on keyboards,Cities, Splash (Seattle), Fly-Guys (San Juan, PR), Lightning Rod (New York).

On the island of OahuHawaii in 1979, Martin designed and published the Chord Board ~ developed for iPhone and iPod Touch in 2010 by Pierre Bernard of Houdah Software in Zürich, Switzerland.

                                         Evolution of a drummer ...